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this is all sea outrage britain watches closely as the muddled media molecule is being grilled by m.p.'s over phone hacking and bribery claims supermodel. ralston questions about the in a working for the now defunct news of the rolls examples live pictures from but hearings taking place in parliament right now. israeli commandos take a verse ship carrying pro palestinian activists to gaza it will take another it's
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have to break the scene but hated the region the vessel was boarded an international has been taken to the israeli border dollars. cowering all moscow says it's capable of meeting the energy demands of europe's biggest economy as the leaders of russia and germany. believe in and syrian crime scene global so raising the streets of moscow and still hoping to find a compromise between colonel gadhafi rebels while avoiding intervention in syria. but as we were reporting the goals of a chip has been forwarded by israeli commandos it international waters last year i assume would have left nine people dead last you know he is from and outs of this from the deadly floods and the attempts about why israel feels he threatens only this kind of russian.
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let me i have. a human life activist and a few snakes and it is really who supports the first tele thank you very much for joining us here on r t why do you call out of the four to last and why are you not there this year. i wasn't it. was he was named the jews go to gaza last year it was a bunch of. i would say five. jews from all over the world and then another four israelis. younger. and we came with a. jewish message if you want to she's really message that we also jews and israelis are not against. are not against the palestinians not about to oppress them we come it's really very we come to break the siege we acknowledge the situation of the people in gaza we think it's you know we go in more and in criminal for some of the palestinians and secondly for the israelis and these here
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i'm just not available i support it just the same and it carries the same message as without the jewish part of that it would be the whole the whole world for. for peace and. taking down the blockade and how much support is there in israel for the patella i would say almost none. percept or taken by most of the people is. another attack from outside it's a little bit i think confusing to the israeli society because this time it's really on. and it's real and it's not policed in years it's been people and therefore it's very hard just to. just. but in this situation today that israel is a soft. of any change in the. trade from the whole world hates us for no reason in their eyes
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a different view is just another attack why is this so little support for their fertility in israel there is a like i said before there is the fear there is the war there is almost no left wing. camp or peace camp or the people that used to call themselves peace camp a what we call the left paris rabin and others representing them are basically people that want to maintain. being the elite of israel maintain the connection with america and therefore speak in the same democratic liberal language and have nothing to do with peace or getting to know the society here opening the borders but the other way around to close the borders they have little pressure from outside and for that they want to get out of the sixty seven territories but they have nothing to do with. a peace just in tension to.
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make yourself good for the world liberal world and want to be part of and in the same time control all the resources of israel palestine you bring to the army and so did her brother so what is different amongst other israelis who participates in support and the rest of the society grew up in a zionist home a two pilot family my brother and my father and. also when i went to the army itself to be an occupier an oppressor i always wanted liberty for everyone because this is what i grew up on in the army understood that we are speaking in one tongue and doing the other the other way around well we are in the occupied territory we are not fighting for defending our home we are fighting to defend an elite jewish. believe that wants to control this place and also not only the jewish leave but part of the jewish elite the secular specific.
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now is being taken by the religious one but after all it's not a fight for for freedom for us it's not a fight for. it for defending israel the fight in the occupation is to maintain the control over the palestinian people in order to maintain political strength and resources when you participated last year was there anything that surprised a not so surprised because of been activist at least eight years or so. seen most of what the army can do to. you with the most surprising thing was the taser gun a shocking weapon a that was used against my brother a trying to get his heart we know whatsoever a attack from him when he was having that friend of his on the floor here and that
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lost his daughter you know hamas attack on the roof of a me a bus. he was hugging him and both of them hard while a big officer. was telling them if you don't stop hugging will have to use force when they didn't stop hugging he pays him and sharp pain three times going toward the heart. can cause that very very easily. in these shocks me because i was seeing that in front of my eyes while i was even now on the floor of the ship of the navy itself i saw my brother bouncing and screaming suddenly from an electric shock. this was the only the only surprise that i have a part from that it was very clear that they're going to a kidnapper in a restless in the middle of the sea do you think you and your brother were treated differently because you are this really different you know. well i well i was didn't play the soldiers that also had these taser gun and all the other guns
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possible i was speaking to them in hebrew in israeli acts and israeli slaying we really point of common common culture looking into their eyes i saw that hardship of him to actually beat me up while he had to take sides. to decide to take a deep breath and then come back as a real fighter and then beat me up if you came at least five minutes to do so because you couldn't face standing like someone someone just like him he feels just like him he's not someone you know shouts in a different language that we're all afraid of and you'd understand what he wants which you treated differently and we know that from our activism we always go in the front israelis with the palestinians we always have this difference and of course for palestinians arrested he can be kept for a lot more than an israeli we have to be let out after twenty four hours he can be
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there for six months a he's been taken to a military jail we will usually be. through occasions and the israeli government claims that every weapon is on board the last what you saw all these claims to i wasn't on the mom of the moment so i was not there i cannot tell exactly what then was in my mama i had friends that were there and i know that they were used some me to the soldiers that was attacking them that were attacking them . it wasn't weapons he was being stew for the ship was billy i mean the maintenance of the ship and when they were attacked by a helicopter that before getting through to the boat itself shot from there and already killed one journalist in his head like that. they were attacked by a group of. you can say pirates and sea navy whatever you want based on what in no
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other place is different this year from both his radio side and the organizers of the fraternity. probably will be a little different but i have no idea i know that my brother went. there to. train people in nonviolent resistance a few others have been doing that meaning they have more of the intention to actually teach them what the israeli army and many times i think the people that are against the israeli policies from outside activists see the israeli army monstrous army which is not necessarily true its money but not more than any other when they come into conflict with the israeli army especially after one or two of them got killed they became very violent if i was there even seeing.
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the soldiers shooting and killing people by me i would know very well that it would do very little good if i will try to attack. i will have to be nonviolent. which means actively make sure that things are calming down but still say say what you want with your body meaning not moving to their orders but not pushing and not touching them why another threat and that's what you let me know there is no chance that it will actually reach gaza reaching as it is not. the first aim of the first aim of the season to show that. under siege illegally under international law that i mean people are being starved and shot at and taken their land all the time with. narrowing down their areas that they can get to shooting to death everyone that. six hundred meters from the from the fence with israel shooting sometimes yes and sometimes only little known lethal weapons
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a fisherman but go out more than three miles from the sea even though twenty miles wide is a promise to them. to show that there are people that support them but not all israelis and jews around the world are for oppression and for these things. to be support and solidarity when the nonviolent way if we believe in something that can definitely change that isn't right and it just means i demand that israelis have when they say that they have the right to defend themselves from the missiles and the militant activities coming from gaza maybe i'll ask you what is israel that wants a different itself who is the one that means security here who does israel have to be friends only jews or only the ones that. want the. flag of israel or only religious jews maybe or maybe everyone that serves in the army or
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may be. democracy and human rights you consider the security of everyone and if you see israel israel today is controlling a four and a half million palestinians with no rights then another. half rights are these people not supposed to be defended. the best way to defend them is to stop oppressing them and the best way to defend meaning the jews is to stop oppressing them the israeli government has urged all the fertility doctor in either base maybe port of ashdod or egypt of our race and they said that they will be personally responsible for making sure that all the cargo goes to gaza once they've checked that there are no guns ammunition or weapons on board so why not support us because we want the goal is not to help the people of gaza and bringing things with. things should come from a normal economy that borders are open ok or at least open in
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a way that people can control what goes in what goes out they can buy whatever they want israel is controlling everything that goes in and out of gaza and economically making sure that the israeli market uses the copters market in gaza to put whatever we have over those israelis not doesn't want to let the people of gaza leave normally they say out loud informally to get it down to the level that people are starving but not for a bit more thank you very much for joining us here on oxygen. forty two thousand americans die each year. seventeen thousand people. and thirty two thousand were killed themselves cancer in all its forms kills five
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hundred sixty thousand of us here part is easy for devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year. raged burton watches closely as the murdoch media monitor he's being grilled by. phone hacking and bribery claims that rupert murdoch and his son questions about the inner workings of the amount of money news of the world. to the super from right here in taking place and all of the right. israeli commandos take over a ship carrying through palestinian activists to. return to break the siege of the cage of the beams of the vessel with boarded in international waters and is taken to be israeli. powering our moskos says it's capable of
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meeting the energy demands of europe's biggest economy is the leaders of russia and germany in turn over the libyan and syrian crises will also grave the talks with moscow is still high paid by the compromise between colonel could dump a rebel on voiding intervention in syria. and join me for more stories that around fifteen minutes time those calls over the full amount you can believe it was good to see now i never thought that a penalty kick and i know i don't know much about football but i did never think about can cause an international incident hundred percent behind you i agree but there is a middle eastern. brewing because of the spotlight incredible stuff we have more on this in just a second you want to watch it. great to have you with us this is sports today here on twenty four hour r t i mean you
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know neal these are sporting headlines. then there were four it's semifinal time its size america's premier football tournament. but there's no brazil or argentina insights. hardwood hopes russia's gospel team gear up ahead of next month's european championships where a final appearance will earn david plotz side a spot at the london olympic games. picky about this over what caused a united arab emirates player to be substituted immediately after scoring a goal under label disrespectful by his manager. full force where we've reached the business end of not in the cup america the first semifinal seeing europe wide battle proved later on tuesday evening europe why now overall favorites after dumping our hosts argentina on saturday and following brazil's last apart
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a quiet day after the the fourteen time a cup of champions those who reached the semifinals of last year's world cup not without their problems striker at this incredibly on defender perino ruled out with injury prove meanwhile haven't seized the continental success since way back in one thousand nine hundred seventy five on wednesday night part of life face venezuela in the other last four clash. japan's women footballers have arrived home from the world cup champions the number change offering some joy to their country following march's devastating earthquake and tsunami the squad's landing in tokyo earlier on choose the just the day after securing japan's first ever women's world title the asian side enter the final against the sport's aristocrats team u.s.a.'s huge. showed their mettle to triumph on penalties thousands of fly waving fans turning out. to feel their heroes the country's prime minister also issuing a statement beforehand praising the team for restoring courage to the nation. a
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slightly different feeling in new york where the american team arrived home following the defeats christie rampone saying however the squad will soon begin focusing on next summer's london olympics which will also be the captain's last tournament before retiring from the game. i think you're always learning there is a positive way from every loss and i think that's we've done the throughout the year of building off of in and learning from experiences learning from your mistakes getting stronger growing together as a team just think positive you know we have one day it's right around the corner and it's you know enjoying this through it what it's been tries to claw back in our manchester city have beaten the vancouver whitecaps in their latest north american tour in contra john deathy i'm sure mike phillips securing victory for the sky blues offer communal sun visit to the spring for the hopes for more sweeping jesse heading home his first goal for city here twenty three minutes from time right
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phillips effort certainly the goal of the game though letting him read from all of thirty yards on city david beckons l.a. galaxy on something. by immunex lineup will look significantly different next season with the sun this league a powerhouse signing a whole host of new players to room but what sang the most high profile bidding farewell to the english premier league to head home to his native germany the twenty two year olds looking forward to joining up with a fellow national team member of russian spying shagger in bavaria the twenty ten league champions hoping boateng is the missing link as they attempt to reclaim the try in the last two to receive dortmund last year for team chemistry should be an issue but saying one of half a dozen nuclear sets of dawn on the iron bridge. russian diaries her off and yes soft on olympic pass the jewel now being silver in the three metre springboard and their first ever world championship event they'll now head to london and twenty twelve while their female synchronized swimming compete for its
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continue to dominate the world scene in shanghai the russian team picking up right where star natalya shape they left off by adding their third goal of the tournament the chinese settling for second. third the same result as in the. medal runs still it's team china who leave their home championships russia though in the best position to challenge the hosts. the men's european possible championships gets going next month with team russia in the hunt for a second crown in three years the squad now all together in moscow to begin a training camp qualification for the london olympics in two thousand and twelve falling out dimension to this year's tournaments. reports. russia's most recent euro basket triumph was in two thousand and seven right before the beijing olympics and the big three was the last taste of success but it's the lead by american david greene who's been building this for over five years. and a chance to play
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a lot of young new players because we were missing so many of our stores in the last three years and now those players have a ton of experience and have a kind of maturity that's necessary to play at the highest level and we'll get back . andre caroline go and hopefully hopefully victor. and you know we should have a good strong team the european championships starts on the thirty first of august in lithuania and will last through september the eighteenth russia is in group c. with libya georgette ukraine belgium and bulgaria suckers draw whatever every day is important it seems to go all the way encounters. the preparation should still has been set and it starts with this first session today however we're still waiting for a main place to join discord that's underway carolyn islets on the count and beat that. some players already have international experience for russia but david glass
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introduced fresh talent to that so you put this in the big cycle the rookies will enjoy full support from season after it's like n.b.a. stars and a kid in angola and tina fey must go. on the yes sir team is very young and some players have instantiating the minutes on the court for russia but our coach has been building this team for years and i'm sure that if will be any nerves will disappear after the first game of the year both euro basket finalists will claim a spot at the summer olympics in twenty twelve that's the key task right now mindful that russia's men's basketball is not as strong as it used to be however this team has old it direct with its of returning to the european summit so they should let that sink level main goal is of course to make it to the next and do it with confidence if it weren't for the games i would go and i wouldn't doubt it just that we need to take will immediately in this just in the leading role in basketball once again the men should draw inspiration from their female
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counterparts as russia's women scene has already qualified for the london olympics after an earlier triumphant performance at the euro basket in poland everybody knows the women's team is better than the mainstream yeah. they're great and they've been great for a long time and i'm really happy for them i know most of the players there back in two thousand and seven both men and women claimed european gold for russia david blair and his team and the rest of russia will be hoping for a repeat this time around five zero this national team is quite young or a solid put experience to david blastocyst remains pretty much similar to the previous year's preparation for euro basket will take place in three countries which are slim vs israel and cyprus and over this period russia will play nine friendly matches on cost of r.t. moscow. night china's most popular basketball player ever is sets with fishley and
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says retirement on wednesday eight time n.b.a. all star yell making calling it a career after recurring leg and foot injuries forced him to miss two hundred fifty games in the past six seasons and it was studious nature which allowed him to average nineteen points per game stateside that's according to his first ever instructor. i started coaching him when he was in third grade in primary school just nine years old i couldn't turn back time to g.r. would be a great basketball player however one thing it was very sure of married was that joe was a very serious a great training and practicing and working on his game he liked being came and did not want to do anything with it considering the team the team the people would all because his instruction was on the court. now it's been a tough couple of years for test cricket along for the sport experiencing doing dealing attendance figures coupled with increased viewership of the twenty twenty format but the international cricket council believe they have the solution i new
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competition named the world test chopping chip for some time we've been working on . call of the world disturbance and we've always said that it's not the format that is the issue it's the lack of context so byelection series would have a real well meaning if you aspire to who you are playing towards something at the end. and it's it's not common knowledge that you hope to get into the city the top four will be involved in the playoffs which will be true seven photos of the final which will determine a will to step in. finally to one of the most bizarre spectacles of the footballing year to date take a look now at how the united arab emirates national team score their goal in a seven two win over at lebanon on take i wanna plot in quite a surprise. the side shot stopper doing the unexpected this were the most innovative of spot kicks the strategy however drawing criticism of the opposing
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team and his own manager u.e. coach male rashid considering the move to be quote disrespectful twenty year old midfielder i want to is no looking out to find the possible suspension from which. i thought it looked pretty cool like so what do i know that is all yours for whether it's next hungry for the food we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. emission
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